Brea Heth


As A Designer

What does it mean to be a designer?

For me, being a designer means I am able to use strategy and visual design skills to turn a mess of information into something that is not only gorgeous, but easy to understand. Most things have potential for improvement, and I love figuring out what that improvement will be.

My History

My journey as a designer has taken me through two college degrees and positions as a designer at companies such as Johnson Financial Group, Marcus Theatres, Kohler, and Bissell.

my alter egos

Design is my day job. Check out what I do in my spare time.

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DIY youtuber

Dabbling in the world of how-to on YouTube.

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pet mama

Want to see bunnies and kitties playing in beautiful harmony? Look for #BaxTheBun, #NalaHeth, and #CamillaDeCamp on Instagram, or just follow me!



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